These guidelines cover typography and text styles.

Things to note

  • Never end a header or label with a period (.)
  • Only use a period (.) for sentences, paragraphs and copy.
  • Always use sentence case ↗. Though our Digital Foundations specify title case for headers and copy, sentence case is more appropriate for the data-heavy products Plasma is designed for.
  • Avoid use of all caps wherever possible.

Helvetica Regular

font-family: Helvetica;
font-weight: regular;


Plasma uses exclusively Helvetica. A font that most computers have pre-installed, which means no third party scripts are needed to load fonts, meaning faster page load times. Also it’s widely known for its legibility. All of which impact the scannability and speed/ease of use, which are particularly important for data heavy products like our internal business tools.

  • Helvetica is the only font used in the Plasma design system.
  • Used for all titles, copy, navigation, form elements and buttons.
  • Should be styled as regular or bold only.
  • Only use italic if absolutely necessary

Helvetica Bold

font-family: Helvetica;
font-weight: bold;

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