Sketch Library

Sketch Libraries ↗ allows you to insert symbol(s) from a master Sketch file(s) into any Sketch file. Then any updates made to those symbols in the master file are synced to files using them!

The added bonus is, the inserted symbols from the master file, are not actually stored in the destination Sketch files, which saves for a lot of bloat, and duplicate symbols, which was a problem with previous versions of Sketch and Craft Library.

How to install the Sketch Library

  • Open Preferences in Sketch.
  • Navigate to the 'Libraries' tab.
  • Click the 'Add Library...' button.
  • Navigate to (and add) the Plasma design system master Sketch file on Dropbox.

Once installed you will now have access to all symbols in the system (mainly form inputs and buttons), via the Insert menu in Sketch.

Control symbols

The library features 'control symbols', please see here for an intro to this. You are best to use the Control symbols from the Insert menu, as these give you easy access to all states for each component!


The Plasma master design system Sketch file needed for Sketch Library is hosted on Dropbox — to gain access to this you will need to speak to a lead on the Plasma design system (project and Dropbox folder).

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