Getting started

To get up and running developing with Plasma, follow these instructions:

Important note

Select and Datepicker components do not work right now.
Use react-select and datepicker directly in Spacestation.


Running Storybook

  • Run the Plasma Webpack dev server: yarn start
  • Run the Storybook server: yarn storybook
  • Go to http://localhost:6006/ to view the Storybook.

Developing with Storybook

  • Follow steps above for "Running Storybook".
  • Create a new dev branch: git checkout -b mybranch
  • Add/update as necessary.
  • Add stories to the stories/ directory as you add/update components!

Using the styleguide


Building static version

  • Run yarn run styleguide:build
  • Files output to /styleguide.

Documenting components

Info here:

Creating a pull request / publishing

Creating a pull request

  • When you're ready, push your branch to Github and create a pull request.
  • If you've made visual changes, include screenshots.
  • PR will be reviewed.
  • When PR is accepted, it will be merged into master.
  • (Optional) If you also need to publish a new Plasma version, read that section.

Publishing to NPM

  • Only publish from master and make sure you git pull origin the latest from master.
  • Run yarn run pack to bundle the .js and .css file into /dist folder.
  • Run npm version patch. This will bump the version in package.json and create a new tag and push the tag to Github.
  • Make sure you're logged in to NPM via npm login
  • Run npm publish from the root directory to publish to NPM registry.
  • Check to make sure package is updated.

Developing with Spacestation

  • In your terminal, cd to local Plasma repo.
  • Run yarn link
  • cd to local Spacestation repo.
  • Run yarn link @wework-dev/plasma. This creates a symlink in Spacestation's node_modules/@wework-dev/plasma folder that points to local Plasma repo.
  • (Optional) If you need to, you can unlink at any time with yarn unlink @wework-dev/plasma

Developing with Spacestation

  • Create a new Plasma dev branch: cd /plasma git checkout -b mybranch
  • Run the Plasma dev server with watch: yarn watch
  • Run Spacestion: cd /spacestation yarn start
  • Changes you make in Plasma should automatically be picked up by Spacestation.
  • Follow "Creating a Pull Request / Publishing".

Using a published Plasma version from NPM

  • Run yarn add @wework-dev/plasma in your project.
  • Include the Plasma object (or individual components) in your Javascript.

Plasma object example:

import Plasma from '@wework-dev/plasma';
<Plasma.Button label='Click it'/>

Individual components example:

import { Button } from '@wework-dev/plasma';
<Button label='Click it'/>

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