We should always strive for consistency in how we present links.

A ‘navigational link’ means a link that directs the user to a new screen/page. The link should be noticeably different from other content, considering our accessibility guidelines for links ↗ (i.e. don’t rely on only color to identify a link). The default style for navigational text links in body copy, segmented cards and tables is:

  • Bold font-weight.
  • Use the $blue50 color.
  • No underline (text-decoration).
  • On-hover and focus state should have a simple underline.
  • Side bar text/links.
  • Actions/links that don’t navigate to a new page (e.g. actions that open a modal, side drawer, or reveal hidden content).

Different UIs may require a different treatment for a link/action. Consider the following guidelines in these cases:

  • Bold font-weight, using the $black50 color.
  • Avoid using the $yellow50 color on a light background as it won’t be legible.
  • When using smaller font sizes (e.g. the Regular 3 style), perhaps a bold font-weight may draw too much attention to itself, if the intention of the smaller text is be subtle. In this case consider using a simple underline (text-decoration) for a link.

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