Craft Library

The Plasma design system is created and maintained in Sketch. The core system component symbols can be accessed via Sketch Libraries, and the system colors can be accessed via Craft Library.

Craft Library allows us to create a shared library of WeWork's digital brand colors, for convenience and in the interest of consistency. As the library is hosted on Dropbox, the colors will always be up to date, and any changes synced to your Library in Sketch.

How to Set Up the Library

  • Download and install the Craft plugin ↗ for Sketch.
  • Once installed you'll see a new toolbar to the right of Sketch.
  • Click the Library tab.
  • Click the 'Import Library' button.
  • Locate the Foundations.library in the Foundations folder on Dropbox.
  • Click 'Open'.


The Foundations Library is hosted on Dropbox — to gain access to this you will need to speak to a lead on the Plasma design system (project and Dropbox folder).

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