Please refer to the Digital Foundations documentation for guidelines on call to actions ↗. In addition to those guidelines, the following also apply to buttons in the Plasma system:

General guidelines

  • Text on buttons should always use the Bold 5 text style.
  • Text on active buttons is always $black50 color.
  • Button height is 38px (40px including top/bottom border of 1px).
  • No icons on primary, secondary or tertiary style buttons.
  • Icons can be used in link style buttons, where applicable.

Spacing guidelines

  • Buttons have left/right padding of 20px (except for link buttons, which have no padding).
  • Buttons contained in narrow spaces (e.g. filters) should fill 100% of the width available to them. This helps with cleaner alignment with other elements in that column, and also aligns multiple buttons when stacked.
  • If multiple buttons are horizontally aligned, there should be a 20px margin separating them.
  • If multiple buttons are stacked vertically, there should be a 10px margin separating them.

Spec for buttons


  • There is a subtle fade transition from normal to hover state on buttons.
  • transition: all 0.2s;
  • Loading animation (spinner icon) on buttons found here ↗

Disabled state

  • All button styles follow the same disabled state:
  • No background color (opaque fill).
  • All colors including text, border and any icon are $black or $white
  • Disabled button has an opacity of 10%.

Preview of button types

Example use case for buttonsExample use case for buttonsExample use case for buttonsExample use case for buttonsExample use case for buttons

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