WeWork creates inspiring shared workspaces, with an emphasis on community. Our operations are complicated, so we design and build our own internal digital tools to meet our business needs, and to manage our global network of buildings and members. The Plasma design system is created for these internal business tools. What is WeWork?

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System design

Design systems bring order and consistency to products. They help to protect the brand, elevate the user experience, and increase the speed and efficiency of how we design and build products. The Plasma design system is built on the founding principles of WeWork's Digital Foundations ↗.

The illustration below demonstrates how the Plasma design system focusses on foundational elements like colors and text styles. Components like form inputs, buttons, toggles, tabs, tooltips and pagination. And a pattern library designed to cover a range of product scenarios, tailored to data-heavy products and the WeWork brand.

For an introduction to system design, please see our Digital Foundations ↗

Design system thinking

Further reading

Articles from our design system team related to Plasma design system:

Article: Selling a design system at your company ↗

A design system isn’t a silver bullet for fixing all problems. Work must be done up-front to pitch the vision and value a design system can bring to a product and business. Written by Nick Stamas

Case study: Creating & documenting a design system ↗

A design case study sharing insight in to the process, creation and documentation of a design system for WeWork's internal business tools. Written by Andrew Couldwell

Tutorial: Harness the power of nested symbols in Sketch ↗

A tutorial for designing efficient (design) system components for more consistent design. The article also links to a Sketch file download to really dig into how it works. Written by Andrew Couldwell

Hero pattern

What is WeWork?

WeWork is a global network of workspaces where companies grow together. We are the platform for creators, supporting tens of thousands of businesses with more than 150 workspace locations in 14 countries. We provide refreshing workspace, powerful community, and meaningful business services to forward-thinking companies around the world. Learn more ↗

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